Terms and conditions

By ordering plants, it is expected that customers are aware and understand a few things about cross-border plant purchases. If the customer agrees, it means that the customer has known and agreed to the terms and conditions of the transaction as follows:

  1. For pictures of ornamental plants that have flowered, it does not necessarily mean that the plants will be delivered that have flowered as shown in the picture. It is most likely that when the picture was taken, there were flowering plants in stock, so the photo of the flowering plants is shown so that the variety can be seen more clearly. Whereas, in actuality, when an order is placed, it may happen that all the stock is not flowering. Customers should be aware of this and should not expect perfect images. The picture may be an illustration of a mature ornamental plant. To know more about the flowering or fruiting of a product, customers can ask us for information.
  2. Every plant is unique, due to the natural variability in the level of diversity that occurs in plants. As a variegated plant grows and produces additional leaves, each new leaf may appear with a different appearance and varying degrees of diversity. For this reason, we cannot guarantee a specific amount of variegation in any leaf or plant, and cannot accommodate exchanges based on the appearance of variegation.
  3. There are hundreds of live plant seed products provided here. Not all plants can grow in cold or hot areas, each plant has different growing requirements. Some can live in lowlands with hot weather, while others need to live in highlands with cold weather. Customers can discuss with us about the living conditions of their desired plants before ordering them.
  4. Please note the customer's weather conditions when placing an order. We sell live tropical orchids and we want to make sure customers receive them in great condition. If the customer lives in an area that may be very cold or hot, the customer should be aware that at certain times of the year it will be difficult to ship the orchids safely.
  5. By purchasing plants cross-country, customers are aware that the plants may not be in their best condition when they arrive at the customer due to long transportation and custom processes that are not quick.
  6. It is the customer's responsibility to understand whether the plant is prohibited or cannot enter the customer's country and understand the import requirements or import license of ornamental plants.
  7. The customer is responsible for paying customs duties/fees in the customs clearance process in the importing country.
  8. Customers should understand, the delivery duration also depends on the Custom Clearance process of the customer's country.   In case of delay, customers should contact the local shipping provider contact.
  9. We are not responsible if the shipped ornamental plants do not pass the quarantine or custom clearance process of the customer's country, and we do not accept returns of packages for any reason.  The plants will be destroyed by the customs or quarantine agency of the customer's country and we do not ask to send them back to Indonesia.
  10. Shipments are made using third party services. Plant packaging standards vary for each type of plant. An explanation of the shipping procedures, product packaging conditions, as well as warranty conditions (if any), will be provided prior to the shipment of the plants. Once the customer's package leaves us/is picked up by the forwarder, all responsibility lies with the forwarder, and the customer can contact them directly to inquire about the location of the package or request information assistance.
  11. Please note that we are unable to fulfill orders with personalized requests, especially those based on bloom stage or flower characteristics (e.g. "Cattleya with large white flowers" or "Vanda in bud" or "something unusual to send as a gift to the orchid lover in my life"). Orders like this we ignore.
  12. All ordered houseplants are packed as fresh as possible before shipping, assuming that the customer has the knowledge and experience to care for the ordered houseplants. We pack each houseplant with great care. We use recycled paper strips in each box as insulation and cushioning. In addition, each houseplant will be carefully wrapped using a ventilated plastic sleeve or with additional paper. We make every effort to ensure its safe arrival at the customer's place.
  13. But in reality, in transit plants can experience stress. Some symptoms of stress in plants during shipment are yellowing, wilting or loss of leaves, loss of fruit or flowers, and minor damage to branches. During the shipping process, leaves may break, or other minor damage may occur, although for some plants, this is nothing to worry about as well-rooted plants will recover quickly.
  14. We are not responsible for any loss, damage, death or injury arising directly or indirectly from any process caused by the shipping transportation process (either by plane/ship along with local transportation) and customs and quarantine process in the customer's country.
  15. Please note that we cannot guarantee the lifespan of flowers that bloom after leaving our facility as the lifespan of the flowers will also depend on the recipient's environment.

Order and payment

  1. For each order, we will first discuss with the customer the type of plants desired, the number of plants, the age or size of the plants, price agreement, and delivery time, temperature and weather conditions of the customer's city/country.
  2. We will check the availability of the ordered ornamental plants in our gardens, and notify the customer within a week from the day of the order. The agreed order transaction will then be formalized into a purchase/order contract.
  3. We will inform the customer, FOB price (Soekarno Hatta Airport, Jakarta) or CIF/CNF price to the Airport of the customer's choice of destination city. 
  4. When the price has been agreed, the customer can then pay in advance of 50% of the total cost by T/T payment.
  5. Once the DP is received, we will start taking care of the quarantine requirements and Phytosanitary Certificate for each shipment, which indicates that the plants have passed the quarantine inspection and meet one of the requirements of the customer's country.
  6. Once the order is ready, we will inform the Customer of the possible date and details of the planned delivery (photos of the availability of the houseplants will be sent via email).
  7. The Customer then pays the next 50% deposit by T/T payment.  
  8. When the settlement money has been deposited into our company account, we will ship the customer's ordered package via our cooperating agent partner. 

After-sales warranty

Ornamental plants can usually survive in cartons for 7-10 days at a temperature range of 15--27 degrees Celsius. In the event of loss, damage, death, or serious injury of our delivered houseplants, in order to maintain our good relationship with our customers, we consider replacing the houseplants under the following conditions:

  1. The amount of replacement of these ornamental plants will be a maximum of ten percent of the amount of the delivered ornamental plants. The customer cannot ask for a refund of the houseplants as well as the shipping costs.
  2. The type of replacement ornamental plant, if not in our inventory, will be replaced with another ornamental plant at the price of the replaced plant.
  3. The shipping cost of the replacement plant is payable by the customer, and is sent before the replacement plant is shipped.
  4. For damaged plants, please attach a photo or videoclip and send it to us via email no later than two days (48 hours) after the plant arrives at the customer's address. Please also provide an explanation of the problem.
  5. It is possible that the delivery of ornamental plants cannot be delivered on the planned date, due to weather conditions in the customer's city. (We will monitor the weather conditions, whether it is cold or hot, and deliver accordingly). If the customer's area is too cold/hot, we will most likely hold it until better weather conditions. 


For further discussion and to order ornamental plants, you could contact us directly via WA.