Indonesia is in the Southeast Asia Region, having favourable climatic conditions for the growth of various plant species throughout the year. As a country consisting of thousands of islands, it has various types of natural resources, including agricultural commodities, in this case ornamental plants or floriculture.


PT Pangestu Anam Bersama (commonly called "PANAMBAS") has been established in 2022, located in South Tangerang, Banten province, Indonesia, has been focusing on the export of ornamental plants, and their supporting products. On the other hand, Panambas also cares about Indonesian farmers. Through our local farmer development programs, we provide farmers with access to global markets and expand their business reach.

Panambas also works with stakeholders to open up opportunities for Indonesians who want to be part of the ornamental plant business development. Currently, many local ornamental plant farmers have been empowered. We hope that ornamental plants can become a business that has a positive impact on local and global communities.

In practice, Panambas acts as a kind of collector, working with local farmers for flowering plant products, such as orchids, leaf plants, fruiting trees, and shade trees, in the Bogor area of West Java, Indonesia. Bogor is one of the best nurseries and plant centers in Indonesia. We have collaborations with several plant nurseries to fulfill wholesale or individual purchase requests (with certain quantities). This collaboration with farmers also aims to improve the living standards of Indonesian farmers and ensure crop sustainability.

In such transactions, we obtain a license to carry out the export process, we select the plants to be exported, carry out the packaging of the plants, take care of the necessary documents (including phytosanitary), and select the appropriate freight forwarder for the plants to be shipped.

We provide a large selection of quality flowering and non-flowering plants, indoor and outdoor potted and hanging plants, as well as planting support products, such as pots and cocopeat. In principle, we will continue to improve our production line and quality control, expand our market, and maintain customer trust. We strive to consistently maintain the quality of the products produced and guarantee the delivery of plants to consumers in a living condition.

For you ornamental plant lovers, perhaps you can start by getting acquainted with ornamental plants from Indonesia and continue to discover the beauty of their diverse leaves, then explore rare and exotic plants from Indonesia, or perhaps fruit plants, shade trees, which are native to Indonesia.

Vision and mission

Vision. To be the supplier of choice for customers, especially in the field of agriculture/ floriculture, to be trusted to work with global customers, play fairly in the international market, and fulfil product requests according to customer needs


1. Improve the welfare of the farming community by selling their products to international markets;

2. Increase farmers' awareness of the importance of using "healthy" agricultural production materials in producing agricultural products, including obtaining product certificates that meet health standards and global market demands;

3. Increase production, including derivative products, production lines, and quality control;

4. Collaborate with more producers to meet the needs of the global market;

How we do the business


means telling the truth, keeping promises, and treating others fairly and honourably, whether with buyers, farmers, suppliers, crop owners, intermediaries, or local governments. Integrity is one of our most valuable assets and should never be compromised.


Quality of our product is something we will never compromise on. From natural plantations to processing sites, we ensure best practices that comply with hygiene and health standards for consumers.


is important as we will continue to provide the best to our customers. Our opportunity to serve should be viewed as a privilege that should not be taken for granted. Agreements with buyers, honesty in transactions, become our foundation in developing business and products  

Ornamental plants

Ornamental plants are living beauties. They are a touch of green that brings warmth and beauty to the indoors or outdoors. Apart from adding an aesthetic feel, ornamental plants have many other benefits. One of the main benefits of ornamental plants is their ability to improve the air quality around them. Plants perform photosynthesis, taking carbon dioxide from the air and producing the oxygen we need to breathe.

In addition to health benefits, ornamental plants can also provide relaxation and reduce stress. Just by looking at greenery and caring for plants, we can feel calmer and more peaceful. Some people even find joy in caring for plants, making it an enjoyable hobby. Not only that, but ornamental plants also provide visual beauty. There are various types of plants with different shapes, colours, and textures. Some plants even produce gorgeous flowers, adding visual charm to your room or garden.

In conclusion, ornamental plants are not just decorative objects, but also beneficial living companions. They bring beauty, improve air quality, and provide relaxation. By taking good care of them, we can enjoy all the wonderful benefits they offer. 

Types of Ornamental Plants

1. Flower ornamental plants, are the most popular ornamental plants by the public, because flowers are very identical to be used as decoration. Flower ornamental plants certainly have various shapes and colours depending on the type of plant. This type of plant is usually planted outdoors directly on the ground or using a pot as a place, such as roses, jasmine flowers, sunflowers, daisies, orchids, hibiscus, frangipani flowers and so on.

2. Leaf ornamental plants, are plants that have beauty in terms of their leaves, usually leaf ornamental plants will be more durable and not easily wither or fall off like flower ornamental plants. This type of ornamental plant is very suitable to be placed outside or indoors, various examples such as anthurium, aglaonema, and so on.

3. Tree ornamental plants Besides flowers and leaves, trees can also be used as ornamental plants. Usually, trees used for ornamental plants have a size that is not too large. These tree ornamental plants are generally placed outdoors such as parks. Some of these tree ornamental plants include Japanese bamboo, yellow bamboo and so on.

4. Fruit ornamental plants. Some people also make plants that produce fruit as decoration, because the combination of stems, leaves and beautiful fruit is suitable for ornamental plants. Various examples such as rainbow chili peppers, lemons, and so on.

5. Root ornamental plants Not only those mentioned above, but plant roots can also be used as plants. Of course, arranging the roots of this plant can be a beautiful ornamental plant requires special skills. These root ornamental plants consist of adenium and banyan trees.

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